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    94sl 750 no work!

    Hi everyone Im new to post I'checked out the sight a few times seems like a good group . To my question my 94 sl 750 started right up then abruptly stoped. started then stoped because it wasnt spudering out I just put it on the trailer and took it home didnt want to lock up.
    now at home sparks ok but compresion has droped about 40psi in all three cylenders Yikes. but the thing still fiers up and abruptly stops were to start?

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    Welcome to the Hulk..

    Check your jetpump for binding.

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    How to remove and re-install the Polaris 148mm jet pump

    Recheck compression with the jet pump removed.
    Throttle held wide open, all spark plugs removed, string battery.

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