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    Looking at a SLT 750 with a hole in the PTO

    This is not my first Polaris, but it is the first time with this issue. The Ski looks like it came off the showroom floor, but the PTO has a hole in it. Has the original Fuel pump and all original fuel lines. The guy and I got to talking and he seems to be a straight shooter. He said this is due to the lean condition issue, and putting on the new jug, piston, and fuel system upgrade it is good to go. I thought they just burned the mag piston from this problem. Am I wrong, or does this ski has other issues, like a messed up crank? He only wants $500.00 and it looks new, but I wanted to ask you guys first.

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    You have stated the problem, no upgrades...meaning no preventive maintance. Add rebuilding the carbs to the list if you buy it. A plugged or gummmed up jet will take a cylinder out (lean). Anytime you loose a pto piston, a pressure test should also be done to make sure you don't have a air leak. But personally,I have never seen it,but others have.

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    I just finished with a 750 fuji motor that had a hole in the pto piston, Im sure the fuel system will need some work. check the crank index, make sure its all in sync. I spent $ 275.00 on fuel sys. from tank, pick ups hose,water seperator, carb kits & the 3 outlet pump I bought 1 new piston & 3 sets of rings, I got lucky and was able to just hone cyls. about $ 275.00 there and other misc. parts. I have really enjoyed the challenge. But I didnt realize it was going to cost as much as it did. well worth the money I think.there is just about anything you need to know on this site
    just ask

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    So for $500.00 it is worth it? I have two juggs that are is great shape here, so that is not an issue. I would have to buy some rings, rebuild kits, and fuel system. I am attaching a picture.

    Thanks for the help guys.
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    it all boils down to what you do you want. a running ski or a fixer upper.? how much total are you happily willing to shell out to maintain it? 100? 400? 800? if necessary?

    i bought 3 different skis for 500 each. a pro a slx and a sl. well i had to pay shipping and drive to get 2 but , my point is,, 1 needed a lot of parts, the other just 1 and the other ran fine. But its my hobby and i like wrenching on them. but thats me..

    some just want to buy n ride it immediately. no wrenching ever.. you can find a running ski for 500.00 you could buy it and part it out too. if you think you could make money at it.

    The 750 is a good motor. it looks great in the picture too. yeah, if you like wrenching, then get it.i would try 425 and see what he says. he doesnt want it he'll take it. tell him you have to put 300 into it to make it at least run. that way you have 7-800 in it total. thats a good deal if you do the work and end up with a great running n looking ski!

    I just finished today putting a triple outlet fuel pump, all new lines and rebuilt 3 carbs. it runs awesome. that cost me 185.00 approx.

    and you definetly need to do that first, then fix the Pto piston if the crank isnt wasted. check for debris in the crank if ya can first, or broken pieces of the piston or rings or lands. the rod bearing costs 15.00,the pin is 15.00 and whatever else you need. ie honing ,rings,piston.

    Good Luck!

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