Hello, I am a new member to the site but have read many threads and this seems to be the best place for knowledgable members to communicate. I have recently purchased a 2000 Virage TX and am having alot of issues. I am new to doing my own maintenance but have been learning alot already. I was having a stalling issues but seem to have fixed that by cleaning the water separator and adjusting the Idle. Right now my main issue is that the Engine Overheat warning comes on when im over 40 mph and cuts my RPMs down. I have went thru the cooling system and it seems pretty good, I dont think its anything there. Any help would be awesome !! Im getting a little frustrated shooting in the dark on this one. I was thinking about replacing the temperature switch but dont want to waste time and money if I dont have to. Also I pulled the hose off the cooling bar and found no Thermostat or pop-off valve, Is this normal for my Polaris model ? Also it seems that often I pull on the throttle and the ski doesnt go at all, it just thinks about it before starting to take off.

Thanks Again,