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    Question from a potential 1st time pwc buyer

    I'm craving a jet ski and have narrowed it down to a stock yamaha 1200 (2000) and another 1200 which has had mods (2001). The one with the mods reads like this:

    RD D-Plate
    RD Ride plate
    RD Intake Grate
    RD Pump Seal Kit
    Solas 13/19 Impeller
    Riva Free Flow Exhaust
    Custom Wave Eater Clips
    Riva Boysen Reed Stuffers
    Stainless Steel SHO Jet Nozzle
    RD Power Penum Flame Arrestor
    Marks "RPM Mod" Carbs, Fully Jetted
    Bandit Trailer - Modified with a long tongue (the guy has manuals and everything, willing to let test drive etc but sometimes 2 many mods can be a bad thing right?

    Any input for a 1st time buyer is DEF appreciated as well as what to look for,I don't even know what the mods mean,been doing some googling and have access to a compression tester but thats about it lol. Also thinking about hiring a jet ski mechanic for a few hours or something (anyone live on long island?). Thanks for reading ----Asombrozo

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    It's quicker to search things on here than to search them on google.I think someone may be looking at the same ski so to save everyone retyping,here it is Whats mods dont you understand?Those mods are basically the same as what i have and if it goes like mine,you'll enjoy it.One thing for sure,as a first time buyer with your eye on a GPR,you're doing well!
    Always test ride a few so you can compare and if you aren't sure then take someone that knows what they are looking for.

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    buy a good one.. ang get it checked out by a mechanic...

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