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    Question loss fire on my virage

    i bought this machine .at the first of the year it had no fire.charged the battery and the machine startered up .and then i lost fire again.last weekend i bought a new battery the machine started up so i drove it for abought 10 minutes or so and it started to kick in and out.and then died.lost fire again.when it was running i noticed it was pumpen 16.1 this alot would a voltage regulator dothis. the machine is a 2002 1200 virage.getting very frustrated with this thing any ideas or tips would be very helpfull.thanks!!!!

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    Yup, I've read this somewhere .... if voltage regulator is spitting out more than 14 volt. It's bad.

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    Fuel injected or carburetor engine?

    Do not depend on the MFI display for accurate voltage measurements. Use a multi-meter at the battery to check the charging voltage.

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    its carbs .and ill will try that with the meter .thanks ..

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