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    Talking sl 650

    hi i am about to fit my stator in my sl650 tht i have been waiting some time on anyways about to fit and was just woindering if anyone by anychance would like to give me some tips about what i have too do or look out for i know i mrked the stators origonal place so thts fine ie the timing will be ok also the woodruff key is in polace if there is anymore then ths shall be very helpful

    also was wondering if anyone could tell me how good these wild things are in the water thanks ally

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    Make sure to use Loctite on the crankshaft "taper" where the flywheel rests, and on the nut.

    Use the rope trick to keep the engine from spinning when you tighten the flywheel nut. Just make sure you don't get rope in the port openings. That can cause the piston to be damaged.

    The ski is really fun and playful. Not very good for riding 2 people, but awesome for wave jumping.

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    Thanks Xlint u have been verrry verrry helpful and I will report back on this tomoz when I have fitted my stator alls well I hope and I shall get some picture and put that on where u said but this rope trick how do u mean by this? Thanks

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    When removing or tightening the flywheel nut, the crankshaft will want to spin. So you bring the MAG (front) piston close to the top (actually want it at the point where it just closes all the ports) That way, you can feed a CLEAN piece of rope through the spark plug hole without possibly damaging the piston. You want to put enough rope (or bungee cord works great too) in there to prevent the piston from moving once you start turning the flywheel nut.

    NOTE: Make sure to leave enough hanging out of the hole, so you don't need to remove the head to retrieve it.

    NOTE: you will need to reset the piston and rope when when changing directions. (loosening to tightening) You do not want to leave the rope in there and switch directions. The rope will get caught in a port opening and cause the piston to rock in the bore. Possibly damaging the piston skirt.

    This is also how you remove an engine coupler, EXCEPT you use the PTO (back) cylinder to do that. Using any other piston except the one closest to the spot you're working may cause your crank to come out of index, and will need to be sent out for repair.

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