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    1993 seadoo spx 587 twin carb over heating

    93 seadoo overheating after about 10 or so minutes of riding. all of the lines are free flowing. unless the manifold is clogged idk..?the eaxhaust stays cool, only the motor overheats whats the cooling system route? from the lake to back out of the bike?

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    well it comes in from the pump to the head then to the pipe and out the pisser and must have some blockage in the head.

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    Your restrictor in the thru-hull exit pipe has swollen, attracted lake tar combined with sand. Its the small nipple engine line. Drill that out with a 9/32" drill bit. You may have some sand you'll need to air-chuck out. Disconnect from head by carbs. Bills86e

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    no the barb flows fine and all the hoses to and it goes in the exhaust then the block on the older systems like this. im going to pull the manifold off and see if its blocked a little. the water flows fine in and out of the motor and the pissers on the back.
    the exhaust is staying very cool the motor is whats overheating.

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    Run pre-mix in tank til ya figger it out. Hate to hear ya burned a hole in piston Dude!

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    the oil injection is working fine.

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