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    2001 RX problem at wide open throttle... HELP

    I've got a 2001 RX with a newly rebuilt engine (prob 12-15 hrs on it). The factory oil injection was removed with the rebuild so now I just mix my own oil and gas (50:1). Yesterday it rode fine, hits 63ish on the speedometer, roughly 6980 rpm's or so if I remember correctly. Anyway, today I was riding and noticed that after holding wide open throttle for approx 5-10 seconds it feels just like I let off the throttle and it slows down. It then will sorta kick back in, then let off again... All the while I'm hholding the throttle wide open and steady. So then I keep the speed to 40-50 mph at part throttle and all is fine. You would never know there was a problem unless you try to hold WOT for 5-10 seconds... Any ideas wwhat to check or where to start?

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    had the exact same problem + description with another ski.

    It was clogged carb filters. They were clogged from never being rebuilt and the old gray fuel lines. I would start there. Clean selector switch too.

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    also check your tank vent check valves

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    Thanks, any place I can go to find pictures of this stuff? It's all new to me...

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    Well, the jet ski is currently at the local Sea Doo dealer. They said they needed a carb rebuild kit and they are currently on back order. But he didn't sound real sure, just that that's what they wanted to do after checking everything out. I asked him if he had duplicated the problem and he said they haven't put it in the tank yet to run it due to some forklift problem... Not really getting the warm fuzzy, but guess I'll wait and see what happens. He asked if I wanted to get it back for the weekend until the carb kit came in, but I don't feel comfortable running the ski if something is wrong.

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    A carb rebuild kit on backorder?? lol Not in this lifetime! You can can pick them up at almost any dealer, or order them online. Most places will have them at your door next day. They avg about $50.00 from a dealer. You will need 2 of them.

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