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    New guy

    Im new and recently bought a 02 800 xlt that was fubared so after a new motor, it was fixed. I was having a lot of fun with it so I thought it was a good idea to get a faster one so I found a pair 02 gp1200r and a 04 gp1300r both with 50hrs for 2500.
    The owner told me the 1300 had sucked up a tow rope and locked up on him he said the compression was 120, 118 and 0. He basicly told me he was selling me the gp1200 for 2500 and giving me the 1300 cause it was broke.. They are beat up pretty good like chips and stuff like that.
    I rode the 1200 today and the speed is great but how do you get it to jump out of the water and not cavitate. Im a car guy it feels like its just spinning and not going anywhere. The website is awesome lot of info on here. any help will be greatly appreciated

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    Yep try the search this guy has good pictures on his site that is what i sent you, Welcome and read up it will take weeks lol

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    Yea its gonna take a while to absorb all the great info on this site. Thanks for the help.

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