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    sho reverse sensor help

    so i made the mistake of losing the magnet from the reverse sensor. when i run the ski with the sensor plugged in i get no engine code but only 4-5k rpm. when i unplug the sensor i get a check engine light and beep, but the engine revs to redline. there is 3 wires on the sensor, Black/Orange,Green/White and Orange. i have tried to put a different magnet to the sensor both up close and farther away and both polaritys while it was running but cant get it to full rpm with it plugged in. anyone know of a way around this?

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    Hi suckondees
    try this
    1 plug in reverse sensor,obtain voltmeter probe the green/white with the red lead the black to ground
    hit the unlock button on your remote and record the voltage,should be between 2.00 & 2.50 volts.
    Find a magnet (i used one from a kitchen cabinet door.)
    move it around over the flat face of the sensor until you see the voltage drop to about .50-.60 of a volt and fasten it in place with a fe small cable ties.
    Re check by letting the ski shut down and then hitting the unlock again, you should still have the .50-.60 reading.
    2.00-2.50v for reverse mode and .50-.60 for forward or normal.
    Someone could just add a resistor between the orange wire and the green/white to drop the voltage to the correct reading ???

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    thanks for your help, but i found a magnet that works for it already...this is still good info for anyone doing this swap tho

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