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    2001 GP1200R Need some help

    Hey guys, need some help.. Have a 2001 GP1200R, rebuilt engine over winter, following has been done:
    ADA 41CC Head
    Flame Arrestors
    Wave Eater Clips
    D Plate
    Reed Stuffers
    Carbs Rebuilt, all pop off at 41, have 110 pilots, 120 mains, 1.5 Needle and seat, with 95 gram springs. High 1 turn out, Low 7/8 Turn out
    Riva Controller on Stage 1

    Started up the engine w/ Break in oil (Also converted engine to premix), Engine idles very high according to the sound, put under a load, it idles high, took the carbs and intake back off, and put new gaskets, and sealed with 1211 aroung the plate and carbs. Put all back togther, still idling high, put it in the water and without hitting the throttle was idling high enough to make a wake. Brought it back in and switched out the Riva controller w/ the stock one, still idling high. Have tried adjusting idle with the screw on the #1 Carb, doesnt seem to help any.

    My thoughts before I tear into it again is that it is running lean, with my current setup, should I first try reinstalling the Riva controller and putting it on stage 2, orturn out the low speed more? I know I should have some RPM readings would be more helpful, the best I remeber when looking at my tach when I put it in the water, it was reading around 6200 (I think).

    Any ideas thoughts would be greatly appreciated.



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    Throttle adjust screw at the right position?

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    Quote Originally Posted by testle View Post
    Throttle adjust screw at the right position?
    My first thought too, sometimes the obvious is overlooked (guilty).

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    Turn the low speed adjuster out to 1 turn and the high speed adjusters out to 1-1/2 turn out.

    Where is the idle adjuster set to? the one with the cable attached to it. Idle speed should be set to 1200-1300 RPM with the ski in the water.

    Also what condition are your pulse lines in, these can be a source of air leaks.
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    Another thing need to be mentioned is when you install the throttle link, make sure that the springs are installed right, otherwise, throttle valves could not turn back to close position.

    And hi and lo adjuster srcews at the right place?

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    Thanks for the input guys, ive tried "adjusted" the idle adjust screw many different ways, still didnt work. I did put new pulse lines on, but am going to triple check that everything is tight, and adjust the hi/low speed adjusters to what Oside Bill recommended. Going to tackle this evening, will let you know how it goes.

    Thanks again.

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    Just got done, went thru and put new lines on, changed carb settings to 1 out on low and 1.5 out on hi, cranked right up, sounds better, not idling as hi, sprayed carb cleaning fluid on the intake and pulse lines, and no change in idle of motor. I think I may have some more tuning ahead of me to get it right, but I new that. Any thoughts on reinstalling the Riva CDI, or should I stay with stock? Also, should I put the free flow exhaust on. while I had everything apart, it looked like it could be a pain, not sure how to get to hose clamp in the very back. Thanks for the help any more ideas greatly appreciated, now its time to try to leave work and get to the lake.

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    stay with the stock cdi till you get it to behave itself or its one more variable you will have to deal with during tuning....besides once its dialed in and runnin the way you want, then throw the riva cdi on and you will gain another 60+ rpm

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