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    got a question

    um may be a dumb question but how do you get your ski onto a stand and off the trailer? lol

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    Depends on what kind of stand and where:

    Beach stand at the beach: Assuming the trailer is still hitched to the tow vehicle: take off your straps and the winch strap and slide it off onto the beach stand...

    Maintenance stand at home: Easiest is to hitch is up but if you don't want to do that, chock the trailer wheels, put a tie rope/strap around the frame of the stand and trailer to keep the stand from moving too far away from the trailer (assumes the stand has wheels), untie your straps and slid it onto the maintenance stand keeping the weight balanced on the stand.

    To put it back on the trailer, use the trailer winch to winch it back onto the trailer from the stand.

    Much harder to do from a beach stand because of height differences so I usually just trailer it directly out of the water at that point. Use a tow rope tied between the trailer tongue and tow hitch to get the trailer into the water if you can't back your tow vehicle down far enough. You can also get a few of your buds to help you carry it directly from the beach stand if they're willing...



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