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    crankshaft locking tool

    I have seen a thread about another choices to the "crankshaft locking tool".. You guys was writing that the 1/4" long ext. tool was perfect for that..

    But yesterday when i was trying it... I dont think thats so good... because when the tip of the extender is in the crankshaft hole.. You can still move the crankshaft little bit because the extender dont have the same size that the hole in the engine block. That cant be good when the timing must be perfect. Do you understand what i mean?

    Or maybe i am doing it wrong?? please can someone give me more spec. instructions?

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    just find anything that fits snug in there such as drill bit (shank end) big phillips screwdriver or a long bolt any will work as long as the diameter is close enough. same goes for the cam

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    Ok i will try with some drills.. i think i have drills in size 7,5mm 8mm 8,5mm 9mm 9,5mm...

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    Y'no, the sure-fire way is to get the one from the store here. Is screws in if you have it correct.

    Remember you can miss the correct hole in the crank weights, and can confuse it with 2 other options.

    For the cost, and eliminate guess work unless you know exactly, it is probably good sense to use the correct tool.

    Just my $0.02

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