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    97 gti wont start

    It was working great and just died in the water. tried to start it and battery was completely dead. got a brand new battery and now it doesnt start. Checked the plugs and they are getting a spark. Put new plugs in and still no go. It seems like it is going to start and then goes back to just cranking. Not super technical but can find my way around with guided instructions.

    Also have a 97 gsx full of gas and when I start that one it says low fuel. Is this just a fuel sensor?

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    take a set of jumper cables and hook the negative tothe battery and the other end tothe block, leave the positives alone. if itstarts its your mai ground that needs to be replaced. asfor the other ski read the sticky at the top of the two stroke page on how to fix the sending unit

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    You may have water in the rear box, shorting the Coil. Bill

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    I've always taken the steps that an engine needs 3 things to run: Fuel, air, and spark. If you know your getting spark then the next easiest thing to check is for air. If you have good air flow then check for fuel.

    I would say dump a tiny bit of gas in the carbs with the air filter off and see if it cranks up. If it starts, runs for a minute then dies, then you know what your missing and have a better idea where so start.

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    sorry to be ignorant but how much gas are we talking... a soda cap full, a couple drops, etc? Thanks to everyone for your help!

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    I would get an empty water bottle with a squirting nozzle and put gas in it (preferably 2 stroke pre-mixed gas). Squirt just enough in there to get things wet, maybe 2-4 ounces. I would start with just a little and then go a little more. If you find yourself filling the carbs with gas and its not starting, fuel probably isn't your problem.

    Hope this helps

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    Thanks! I will try this tomorrow and let you know how things go. Hopefully it is something simple.

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    ok, took air box off, took air filter off and put some fuel into the carb. not sure if im putting enough in or not. its just a little little bit. I thought it was going to start but no go. there is a little needle that sticks out at the top of the carb by the choke baffle that squirts gas correct? when gas is on and put the throttle, no gas sprays. I think it may not be getting air, which im not sure how since the air filter is off? Any more suggestions? What would cause this issue after just one time out? Again, it was running fine then just shut off...

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    anyone... anyone?!

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    OK, next update. Put my thumb over the spark plug holes and tried to start (dont have compression guage yet), back one I could not keep my thumb on, front one, had no problem holding it on. I would have to say that the front compression in the cylinder is very LOW!

    Next steps? I am assuming I need new piston rings, etc? Is there a link on here that talks about what to do with low compression? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks guys!!!

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