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Thread: pet tach issues

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    pet tach issues

    I have a Pet tach 2100 on my 951. Last time out I could not get it to work right. It was all over the place on rpms, 460-20,000 rpms.... I was on 21-42 and 22-44 setting. It was working fine last time out... Is it NFG?? Batteries on way out???

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    I've got the 2100 as well, it should be on the 22:44 setting and on the mag cylinder. The batteries are suppose to last around 100,000 hours. They are NOT waterproof either, maybe you got some water on it? It can take splash and what not but no submerging. You can take some clear silicone or some crazy glue and go around the face where it meets the body to seal it up.

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