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    Yay another dumb Q 93 sl750

    ok so I have been searching on here for a while for an answer to my problem and I see that it has been asked quite a few times and you have all given many ideas of things to try...yet most of the op haven't responded to what fixed the problem!

    So my 93 sl750 has all the fuel lines replaced (tank to carb) except for the return line, upgraded to the triple output fuel pump. recent carb rebuild, and it runs great!.....well for the first hound and a half then it falls on its power at all have to pull the choke a little to get it to rev up but if you let off the throttle even a little bit falls on its face again. Thought after the last time out that maybe I got some bad gas or something so I replaced the filter and wallah ran great for an hour. but after that it was no power.

    The only other odd thing it does is after running for a bit if you shut it off, its really hard to start....

    Someone said that it could be overheating and that its going into a safety mode to protect the motor from melting but the warning buzzer doesn't go off. I am so stumped on this and getting to my whits end!

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    The 750 doesn't have a safe mode. Check the vent line on the fuel tank. When It's acting up,stop, open the fuel cap then replace it and try it again,if it runs great after doing that,I'd be thinking the vent is plugged.

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    That's what I was thinking too. ^^^^^.

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