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    Impeller choice for FX HO 06

    Hi all,

    Actually, I have a SOLAS dynafly14/20 and I wonder if the concord one 13/19 is better.

    I can't find any feedback these to impellers for this ski.
    Have you some ideas about.

    Does the SOLAS Condord 13/19 is better in performance (acceleration,
    top-speed,...) than the dynafly 14/20 ?

    My engine is quite modified with the Riva velocity stacks and air filter.

    Thanks for your feedbacks.


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    the 14/20 dynafly is what you want in there. your ski has a ho pump and the 13/19 concord wont work with your pump.

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    Thanks you for the reply

    Can you please tell me if pitch of a Dynafly 14/20 can be machined in13/19 ?


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