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Thread: FZR vs. FZS????

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    FZR vs. FZS????

    I am considering buying one of the two. I like the FZS better because it will suit my needs better (3 seater).

    Does the R offer any more performance than the S in stock or modified form or would I be able to tell the difference in performance? Am I giving up any possible performance going with the FZS? Thanks....

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    Only differences are: Colors available, seat/molding around the seat, tow hook on FZS and the boarding platform on the FZS.

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    performance is identical between the 2..

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    This was what I was thinking but did not know for sure. Just want to be sure before I spend that much! According to the specs the weight is about 10 pounds heavier on the S than the R, I assume that is the different seat.

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    I think that the FZS hull different slightly. The FZS hull flatens out before the slde of the hull weres the FZR hull goes till the side. I could be wrong, thought thats what & saw when they were side to side

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    If you buy a 2010 I think they are the same now except the back seat both have the boarding ladder for 2010

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