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    finally got my part from the us and gt it fitted tonight so yes bang three turns and it fired right up wheeyyyyy very glad only thing im worried about is that when ticking over yes fine but when throttled it revs right up then takes a very long time to settle down is this maybe because it isnt in the water just doing it as in flushing i have aalso got quicksilver twostroke oil for my speedboat i put this in my jetski will this be ok? thanks help would be greatly aprreiated to get this thing running sweet after the tears and fears

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    It will take a bit to come down RPM when not in the water. That's fine as long as it comes down.

    As long as the oil is TWC 3 rated, you'll be fine.

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    yeh thts what happened today when i lifted it in the water also but the only thing i have a problem with is tht when in the water sumetimes it will go fine for like 5 secs then bogs down and does this every now and again and its ashame because its a cracker please help me suggestions thankyou xlint if u have a private email i can directly contact you here is mine give me a email thanks ally

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    ive narrowed it done the two end cylinders are getting petrol but the middle isnt why is this can someone please tell me why i ament getting petrol and not firing can the carbs be blocked?

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    carbs could very well be gummed up. when was the last time they were rebuit?

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    Well tonight I stripped then all down and sorted them there was alot of grit etc in side the carbs so this has been rectified so let's hope it shall be ok will try tomoz might have to replace the reeds hope not I had them out and not holes or tht but one was different but looked the same thickness

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    She likes the bike. But the ski gets her wet!!!! xlint89's Avatar
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    Did you inspect the filters on the backside of the carbs?

    How about a pic of the reeds in question?

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    well i have took the carbs off last night and blitzed then but on one side of the middle carbs reed is different i cannot put photos up im afraid however i am waiting on starting the ski up and i hope it is ok i dont have a oil tank and was told it maybe the problem because i was running the mixture too strong at 40 to 1 i was told i am better off at 50 to 1 and it will be safe thanks xlint

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    It's not the 40/1 ratio. that wont hurt anything.. replace the 2 fuel inline filters? I just replaced 2 on a slt. they were dirty too.

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    so you thin that i should go and change the filters inside the tank bit? i had it out today and was dying everytime but still ticking over it would work with the choke on a little bit like half way but wouldt on its own any suggestions thanks?

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