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Thread: PWC - FAQ

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    PWC - FAQ

    Was hoping to build a FAQ on general information about PWC's, like technical stuff for newbs and experienced users alike.

    For instance some basic questions I have are:

    • What is a ride plate ? and what is it's purpose ? How does modifying this effect the ski ?
    • What is a shoe ? and what is it's purpose ? How does modifying this effect the ski ?
    • What is a Power Valve System ?
    • 2 stroke vs 4 stroke engines ?
    • Premix vs Oil Injection ?
    • Common Issues with PWC's ( pump tunnel cracks, water lock, etc ) ?
    • Engine CC's ? Differences in performance ?
    • What are Trim Tabs ? How does this effect the ski ?
    • Does a PWC have a diffrential gearing system ? Common Issues ?
    • How does the engine cooling system work ? How is it powered ? Common Issues ?
    • Do manufactured stock ski's have throttle limiters installed ?
    • Who are the leaders in PWC manufacturing ? Differences in design and performance ? Reliability ? Price ?
    • How does water tempurature effect a ski's performance ?

    Many of these questions seem pretty obvious too many of you here, and myself included, but I realize that to understand the advanced techniques circulating around these boards, knowing why they are being developed and how it effects the ski from its original condition, will give a much needed base for someone who wants to move into more advanced levels of ski modification. The focus should be about explaining the main componants and systems in a PWC, how their built and why.

    Thank you in advance too anyone who can answer these questions and contribute useful knowledge to this thread. I will add new questions as they are asked and answered.

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    try the search function lots of good info there

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