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    Jet trim or M-Line

    I am putting a new seat on my first 02 GPR and need some opinions on which one people have used and like.

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    I've seen Jet Trims, and own a MLine seat. Both are high quality, don't think you can go wrong on either of them. I think the MLine is about $25 cheaper (but I wouldn't put it past Jerry to be able to save you a few bucks on the Jet Trim), and you have more color combo options with the MLine. The guy who does the MLine seats is a bit hard to get hold of sometimes, but he made my seat for me pretty quick and I was very pleased. The guy who installed it for me was impressed with the quality of the products he used to make it.

    So in the end, I'd look at the price, then go with your preference. For that matter, Hydro Turf makes nice seats cheaper than the both of them. I don't think you can go wrong with any of them.

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    I personally would go with JetTrim, I have seen M-line, Hydro-Turf, and Black Tip in person and jet trim seems to have the best fit and finish also the best materials. The pictures should speak for themselves, and dont do the seat justice. It is amazing in person. You can get your choice of materials, Stitch pattern and of course color combos. Also they are super fast at making them and there customer service is unbeatable by far.

    Take a look

    I know its not a GPR but I Hope this helps you decide,

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    I just got a Jet trim for my GPR a couple days ago and am very pleased! Go to their website and look in their Yard Sale section for a great deal. I have an 05 up seat on my 2002 and got a perfect cover for $150. For the older style seats most of them are $130.

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