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    Macsboost MODULE sent my f12x to Hell!?!?!?

    So i plug the module in, on acceleration it studders up to speed, after about 5mins it ran as normal, fast and impressive for 2mins and then, on a WOT run of maybe 20seconds, with the throttle still wide open it began losing speed until it stalled. I restarted it and it ran in limp mode. I turned it off (pulled the lanyard), I pulled the seat off, and removed the module, and plugged in the original. Still in what seemed to be limit mode, nothing above 4200rpm from memory, not Limp Mode. I then, still in the middle of the ocean, cleared the codes, to reset them, pulling the connector apart from above the fuel tank etc. Still nothing. I also took the battery lead off for 5mins.

    I took the seat off, reinstalled the module and checked the lights on the module for boost change, and the blue light wouldnt move, so no boosting. Still nothing. Then each time i would start it i couldnt get over 1900rpm, it would either stall or studder and gain no speed. i immediately pulled the codes 13, 19, 32, 42, 45. I then cleared them, put it back in the water, this time it wouldnt even start, it would turn over, just not start, plenty of battery. I pulled it out again and pulled the codes 3, 4, 8 twice in a row, 10 and 11, now there is no 3, 4, 10, or 11???

    Completely lost....Ive searched the forums, and they pull up things such as blocked actuator hoses, fouled plugs, stuck turbo wheel, but all of the other codes were sensors, such as IAT sensor, TCP sensor, Ignition pulse generator, No.2 injector and TP sensor.

    Any ideas???

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    Sounds like a bad ground or loose battery. That will throw random codes.

    It could be a battery going bad or shorting out.

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    take out your fuse box and clean it. if you ride in the ocean, the salt will corrode the fuses and cause faulty issues.

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    after clearing codes and trying to start it again, FI decided not to come on anymore, but now im getting a warning and voltage lights coming on, my ski is connected to a jumper battery with plenty of juice and the earth lead clipped on the engine block. what the hell is wrong with my ski, there is no ski service centre for over 2000miles... yes two thousand.

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    I took it to some friends at an Auto Electrician, best in the business, they plugged this thing onto one injector and another thing onto the coil AND spark plug and got no response from either, No spark, No fuel...

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    what condition is the ski in? has it been well taken care of? is the motor clean inside the hull? you could possibly have a bad wiring harness or a bad ecm!

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