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    1996 polaris sltx 1050 runs bad after 10 minutes if hard riding

    Ski runs great when you first start it. I just rebuilt the carbs, everything is new. needles, seats, gaskets etc. Pop-off pressure is good..
    You can start it, ride like a demon for 20 minutes or so.. when you stop , it boggs and makes an un-godly BUHHHHHHHHH out of the exhaust.Almost like its hitting a 4k revlimiter. If you stop and let it cool a while, it will start right up and run like a striped ape. I am beginning to lean towards a possible ignition update. But before I spend that kind of money just want a few opinions, It may have already been done havent taken it apart yet.. I havent disconnected the mfd, but it really seems heat related.. Anyone have this experience ????

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    Disconnect the MFD connector on the back of the MFD. Easy test to do. If the problem goes away, the MFD may be bad.

    Next time the problem happens, stop, crack the gas cap open. See if there is a pressure or vacuum release. Then start it and see if it runs better. If yes, then the tank venting has a problem.

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    Have already tried the tank cap to no avail. Never tried to unplug the mfd. So this dosent sound like anything to do with the ignition update? If you dont mind me asking, what were the symtoms of the old ignition not being reliable? Was it a no start situation, or just missing? When this problem happens, the plug color is fine. If you pull the choke while its in this process the motor immediately shuts off. So I would assume it's rich.

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