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    Just bot two '03 FX140s. Have put about 6 hours on one and never see any water coming from the left or right cooling water pilot outlets. The manual says there should be a constant stream out of the left side. Should water flow out at idle? It is difficult for me to see at speed but it does not flow out at idle. The ski runs great and does not indicate its running hot. I would hate to burn it up so early in the summer. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    stick the end of a ty strap in the pissers to make sure that they are not clogged with insects. you should be able to see the water spraying out clearly from both sides at speed. you wont see much if any at idle.

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    When running on the hose, pinch or clamp the cooling inlet hose with ski tilted slightly down.....all water will be diverted around the motor & should set the L/H pisser off.

    R/H pisser is a pressure relief to the system & only operates above 6000 rpm if memory serves me correctly. You will not see a flow off water coming out, it is more of a mist due to the pressure & temperature of the water.

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