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    Kawasaki Ultra 250X 2007 Error Code

    Some body know what is F1 CAA1 error code on my Ultra 250X. The ski have only 31hr of use.

    Please help me.


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    CAA1 = Cam Sensor damaged.
    Replace it and problem solved.


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    was that on your 15f 250x?


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    my name is Memo, am looking for your kind help,

    i have replaced following:

    1- fuel pump.
    2- Empeller 16/24.
    3- Power Filter Kit.
    4- Tunable Scoop.
    5- jet bearing kit with 3x bearings and new improved shaft.
    6- racing spark plugs.
    7- cleaned fuel enjectors.

    after i went to fresh water to test it out, i run the engine always 5 min in the water to have the engine on good temp before going loco, well i did as always it runs very normally but once accelerate above 3250rpm stuttering and popping sound from the exhaust and dash showing oil logo + OIL t and buzzer non stop, every single wires is been checked for damages or disconnections but all looking just fine,

    i even checked sensors, by disconnecting one by one it while engine running, after each disconnection engine shuts down, except for the oil temp sensor even when i disconnect the sensor enginge keeps on running and no changes on dash regarding OIL t.

    please help me, thank you in advance

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