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    No oil coming from oil lines while running

    Pulled an oil line off the carb while my '96 SLT700 was running and even revved it up a little, no oil at all coming from the line. Oil tank is full, so I pulled the "throttle/adjuster" on the oil pump all the way one way, then the other, still no oil. The inside of the oil line is wet, but shouldnt this be pumping/pulsing a little oil out of this line even at an idle? Running pre-mix now until I can figure this out.

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    clogged filter ?

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    You could just take the pump off and get a block off kit and go premix.

    Little piece of mind and a quick fix.

    i hope you dumped some oil in the gas and fuel seperator before testing your loss of oil problem! if its not pumping, you have NO lubrication.

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    Give us some history.

    Was there something wrong with the oiling system prior that makes you suspect it is not working?

    Has the oil pump or flywheel cover been removed from the engine at some point?

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    Bought the ski not running, so the flywheel cover was removed to replace the stator with the upgrade kit, but I made sure the pump shaft was inserted into the crankshaft correctly when I put the cover back on. The reason I was suspecting an oil problem is that the ski gets the overheat buzzer after a few minutes of riding, I have checked the cooling system, made sure it wasnt running too lean, checked the wiring for chaffing/shorts, and now checked the oiling system (which is a problem, but ski still gets buzzer even running premix now). If I recall, this ski doesnt have a filter between the tank/pump/carbs, unless it is intank. I dont want to run a block-off because I want to sell the ski soon to upgrade to a newer model, so I want everything right and original. Any takers in Florida for $850??? lol

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