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    Unhappy Help with SLX 780 1996

    Well i did carburetor rebuild everything was fine. jetski only ran 35 miles per hour...... but then i adjusted the high screws and bum bum 55 miles per hour or at least 50.

    Everything ran good but when got out of the water.... i flush the water left inside the ski. everything good. after 20 seconds of flushing. the ski didn't work no more..... i didn't know why until next day. there was gas everywhere inside the hull. Then i open the head of the carburetors and the pto carburetor is full to the top of gasoline...... what can cause this? also my ski is premix. i opened the carb and nothing seems wrong.
    you guys know where the high speed screw goes right? well it broke inside and i manage to take the piece out but the little hole that was there got bigger... but i dont think that will be the problem help please.

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    i open them up and nothing seem to be wrong.... only that the high speed screw doesn't have the spring or the little plastic washer.... can this be the issue? i don't think so but what you guys think? I'm not an expert.

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