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    My Shark Story (n00b)

    Well I acquired a 1997 770 Daytona with a bad cylinder and head gasket that sat for a few years.I took it to the local Tigershark he guy quoted me almost 2 grand to fix it. That had me research and I stumbled across SBT and read the DIY .pdf and gained confidence in doing a proper job. Had the ski out for a few 2-3 hour sessions on the local mud hole lake and it ran good had to adjust the throttle cable with the thicker mixture in the first tank, but ran good as long as I could stand WITH NO SEAT! (Had it getting recovered for $100) Ran great both times. Next weekend got seat hit up the good lake with wife and inlaws at their cabin and I could not complain rode it all day me and my wife all weekend. Two weeks later kiddo flies in to town, go back to good lake now with tube. Make it through one day problem free and the next almost to the last minute. About 3 hours to sundown and the tank expires, res is so oily from break in it sputters to shore. (thankfully) Pulled it out to gas is up and get back to whip it over to the dock and all of a sudden. Tach drops to 3K and it makes an awful thumping sound. Oh great... I know I am going to have a harder time finding parts for this than a Model-T. Took it home and discovered the play in the shaft and I removed the pump and venturi and found the bearing had shelled and spun and the shaft chewed nice and good. I probable should have idled all the way back but I am confident with the rust that I found in the collar it was just a matter of time. I am glad it did it before the 4th though so I don't look like an idiot then DOTW LOL. Found parts for a reasonable price and will hopefully be testing on Thursday! Oh I also had to have an ear re welded on my venturi for $40. So far SBT and new driveshaft and bearing kit my total in this shark is $1,190. and all that's left is the pump and impeller and it's a whole new ski almost.

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    Nice work way to keep that old shark going.

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    Awesome that you are keeping the shark going. They are a fun ski! if you ever need any parts let me know! I have just about everything for your ski!!!!! Do you have any pictures???

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