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    2002 Polaris TXI only stays started if you hold start down for 3-4 Seconds

    I have made progress in determining why my ski does not start. If you hold down the start button while starting for an additional 3-4 seconds the ski stays started. If you release when the ski fires up the ski dies. Is this a function of the start stop switch?
    Idles normal after that and the rpm is good, I think 1160.

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    Was the battery ever hooked up backwards?

    Do you have the original start solenoid, black color with a metal backing plate? If yes, replace with the upgraded solenoid.

    I suspect the protection diode inside the start solenoid has failed.

    Without a working diode inside, when you release the start button the solenoid coil can generate a reverse EMF pulse that confuses the electronics, and shuts the engine down.

    Older 4010858 starter solenoids with a Black body and metal backing plate tend to fail
    Replace with the newer Brown body solenoid 4011043

    Even better, replace with the Black all plastic (no metal backing plate) version

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