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    voltage regulator question

    I got a used regulator for my sl780. It is a rf-31 and now my charging woes are all figured out. But while replacing the regulator, I pulled out a rf-23. Whats up with that? Normal or the wrong piece was in the e-box

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    If you check part #, the LR-23 are replaced by the LR-31. I suspect the LR-31 is more durable.

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    Arrow LR voltage regulator modules - substitution and upgrade options

    Polaris went through a bunch of upgrades and improvements with the LR voltage regulators over the years.

    They all work the same way, and the core voltage regulation wires connect the same way (Yellow, Red/Purple, and ground/Black).

    As far as I can tell, you can always use a newer version LR voltage regulator to replace an older version, as long as the wire colors are the same.

    The Orange wire is also the same on all regulators that have Orange.

    Generally speaking, the LR modules with higher numbers are from newer models, so LR-31 is a newer design than LR-23. The LR-31 is physically a little larger.

    If there is a dash suffix after the main number, that is another revision, so an LR-31-2 is newer than an LR-31
    LR modules in the 5x range tend to be unusual and odd-ball versions. Things like a special output for analog fuel gauge (LR-52), or buzzer (LR-50), or separate RPM limiter function (LR-54).

    Same for the LR-8x series. LR-85 is unique to the Freedom, while LR-86 is unique to the MSX.
    LR voltage regulator and Start/Stop modules

    Note: On Virage and Genesis models with a combined Start/Stop button (same button is used for starting and stopping the engine), there is less substitution flexibility with the LR-50x modules (LR-502, LR-503, LR-505).

    The combined Start/Stop modules have several functions packaged into the module. Voltage regulation, Start/Stop control, and often other functions. The connectors also vary between versions.

    Interchangeability of 2000-2001 LR-503 (spade terminals in electrical box) with 2002-2004 LR-503 (plug connector, no electrical box)
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    Wow, pretty cool. I didn't know about all that. So hopefully that means my electrical problems are a thing of the past. Thanks

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    After doing some digging LR-31-2 is the most current version used for almost all applications

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    Voltage regulator question


    I have a Carbed 01 Genesis that has been unreliable lately and was wondering if I can bypass the start/stop function on the LR module?

    It will start and run until it wants to turn off. No spark. I avoided using the start stop button but it still stopped on me without warning twice. The battery is decent and I put it on the charger while it was at the dock but it would not budge for me. The last time it quit it didn't run again. I took it home and a week later still no spark. Today - it starts right up again with no change from me. I haven't touched it and It has sat on the trailer now for a week and today it starts again.
    I see you have mentioned the service bulletin to move the red/purple CDI wire to Orange but it does not mention 2001 models? I will have a look at that today but I am a little puzzled. Thanks for any help.

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