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    Engine temperatures, How hot...(cold)

    Ran my ski yesterday with my rd cooling kit, thermostat out and the extra engine cooling line shut off. extra ic line on and no extras on the oil cooler. I ran hard, but not all out. Long cruise of 20 minutes @5000-6000 rpm, 2 up in light chop. Engine temp was around 130. Rode back alone, rode the piss out it for a bit then home cruising between 6000-7000. again engine temp around 130.

    ive worked in temperatures where celsius and fahrenheit meet (-45ish) and our equipment runs like crap unless tarped in. Personally i think 130 is to low.

    So my question is, whats an ideal temperature for these boosted sho engines?

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    80 to 90 degrees c
    85 been ideal.
    110 getting nasty
    120 oops!

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    I would really like to monitor my engine temps but don't log. I installed a temp sensor directly outside the thermostat but that doesn't provide engine temps just discharge water (normally around 110° F or so). There has got to be a better place to monitor engine temps more accurately.

    Any guidance in this area would be appreciated.

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    I range between 177 and 196 degrees.

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