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    '00 1200R boogs at mid throttle

    I have a 1200 R with about 110 hours on it. Have never had problems with it always ran great. This year went to start it and wouldn't start. Took it to the shop and after two times there they got it running. They rebuilt the carbs and did about 1,000 work of work. Took it out and it idles, runs great to about 15mph then bogs down until you get to about 30 mph, and if you jiggle the throttle and really hit the right spot it then runs great and fast, but you can't drop in that 15-30 range. If you do it boggs then stalls and you have to start the whole process over again.
    Any ideas on what is causing this? Before I take it back to the shop (quite a far drive) I'd like an idea of what the issue is and if I could get it running better myself. Thanks!

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    Sounds like an accel pump problem

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    When we took it out this weekend, it bogged until about 4000 RPM's. You had to really flutter the throttle and be easy on it till it went. It would stall out a few times too. The carbs have been rebuilt. New converter was put it. I believe that it has a D-plate on it. What should we try next? Thanks!

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    After having it at the shop they should have water tested it and made sure it worked. To me, it sounds like a fuel, carburetor, problem. I would personally take it back to the shop that did the work.

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