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    SBN gasket leak?

    I'm trying to do a pop-off test on my 44mm SBN carbs. It's on a daytona 1000. When i plug the fuels lines, and pump up to about 15 psi, air leaks out of the fuel cover plate. The only gasket I have is the weird looking o-ring gasket, pic here am I missing another one or is this all it should have. It leaks on all three carbs, so I can't get an accurate reading...

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    Take each carb be itself and take all the fuel lines off it. Hook the pump up to the inlet spot on the carb the cover the pulse line spot with your finger. Try pumping it then. If you still have leaks then look further into it. You can get just the gaskets you need without buying a whole rebuild kit. Sometimes its also not just the gasket if its corried all around it and not letting it make a good seal.

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