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    1300r, steam out of the pissers

    My skis been hard to re-start after running it any length of time. On the water or on the hose , doesnt make a difference.
    Today , while hooked up to my laptop, I notice the 2 engine temp parameter are flashing red, and steam is coming out of the pissers, water is only draining from the bottom of the pump.

    All the YDS diags show normal operation, (using yds ver1.30)
    Possible my 3 piece r&d head may have blown a gasket, or anything else to check?

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    Check the pump strainer. I would check all water lines and blow them out, might have sucked something up and its causing a blockage. No water coming out the front pissers when its in the water?

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    If the ski is in the water, I can see water exiting . On the trailer, Water was coming out , before I shut the ski off. Tried to restart, very hard to start Changed plugs, restarted engine, ran about7 minutes, before I noticed the
    steam and the overheat condition on the software.

    I did notice last year, when the head was off, the tops of the pistons were really clean, with very little signs of piston wash. For a +130 hour engine, I was expecting a lot of buildup on the pistons.

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