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    Need some carb setting help

    I'm out here The lake camping and was going to tune up my ski

    Needing some basic carb setting for low and high speed screws 1997 1100 wave venture all stock
    It runs ok on the trailers but in the water it Boggs downin the water
    Any help would be great thanks

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    Low speed screw 1-1/8 on all three, high speed screw 7/8 on all three. set idle to 1200-1300 rpm with the ski in the water.
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    It runs ok at idle. And so so at mid throttle and bogs down at wot and dies if some one could through 2 cents in. Is there I've checked compression 115 on all 3. And have good spark seems like it's not getting the correct amount of fuel could this be caused by a weak fuel pump or some thing else. Note I also checked carb filters look clean and and fuel filter flows ok also. So I'm lost where to look next

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