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    99 Polaris SLTH

    Got a deal on this unit, only 60 hours. Recently it has not been running well at high rpms and the dealer tells me I need an ignition update kit, installed $800. This is the same price I paid for the ski and trailer. I am considering installing a used magneto. Any opinions? Any ideas where to get the best price on a ner kit?

    If I am not using this site properly please excuse me, I am a newbie

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    The Update kit itself is about $300.

    Most of the effort to install the update kit is involved in removing and re-installing the flywheel to replace the magneto stator with the new one. The rest is fairly easy to do.

    Click the links below, and have a look in other threads. Another member is considering the update on a similar model in a recent thread.

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    Thanks for the info.

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