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    Lightbulb Just a bit of advice for newbies

    Ok, so the last time I had my 01 GP1200R out was 6-13...I completely drained my main tank and my reserve, I filled it up today with fresh out of the pump 89 octane. Got it back to my house to run it on the hose to make sure it will run at the ramp. I primed it with the throttle a few times, went to start it, it was cranking over fine, but no ignition. After 2-3 min of me trying to start it im like wtf. I ask my pop for some help, he hooked up the battery charger and tried to start it after checking my spark plugs. The crank rate was much quicker with the charger on it. After about 20 seconds of nonstop crank, it fired and I ended up having a few good hours on the DE river. Bottom line is, if you drain your tank and refill it, and experinece what I did, chances are you need to crank it for a bit to get fuel into your motor. Just a quick lesson to the newbies from another

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    Good point. Also, there is no need to drain your tank in the summer time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hydrotoys View Post
    Good point. Also, there is no need to drain your tank in the summer time.
    Well I drained it riding around the boat ramp during heavy chop waiting to get my trailer backed down. and my

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    he means "used" all of his in ran it out of gas....

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    That's why a primer is a good idea for ALL 2 stroke carb'd skis...stock or not. It would have started after just a few seconds of cranking.

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