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    Thumbs down What happened to "Factory Pipe" ?

    I was looking at their web site and it looks like they lost interest in Yamaha's. No listing for GP1200 or GPR1200 - GPR1300 ! Only some Superjet pipes, is this what fourstrokes have done to some aftermarket guys ?

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    they make pipes for OEM's now. Last I heard it was ATV's.

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    Adam, not sure if you know this or not, Factory Pipe's main business is not "pipes". This is just a small "spin-off" company of a much larger one. You can say it is a sideline job for them. For what it is and how they go about running a "part-time" business, they do one hell of a job.

    About the lack of parts, it's all about $. The market is so small now for those parts, and the amount of people that would step-up and actually buy said parts is very very small.

    Example: The Blaster Mod Pipe. Go to the other boards and every kid there wants a "B-Pipe"/Mod Pipe. Out of those kids, how many actually have the $ and be willing to spend it if and when Factory did start to reproduce those pipes? Answer, not many, most are broke-dick kids with big eyes and talk much larger than their wallets.

    Why do I say this and how do I know it? Call Factory and ask Cindy how large the run of Mod Pipes is for the Blaster? Then ask if the ever did sell all those that they made. I guess all the calling Mike and I did worked. lol

    I know out of all the said "I will buy one if they make them again", only myself and MPeavler bought one. Hell, I now have more Mod Pipes than Blasters to put them on....and I have 3 Blasters now!

    Now I am sure they sold more than 2, but I sure don't see anyone else posting about it. Must be the racers who are out riding the waves and not the kids riding the net.

    What pipes are you looking for? I have seen a few sets of Triple pipes go for $500 used up to $1200 for a new set. Of course there are also other news sets for more, but the deals do pop-up and can be had.
    Good luck with your search.


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    i have a full set of fp triples with fp water box if you really really want a set but the shipping will be 400+ to the usA.

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