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    Yamaha Attacks Sea-Doo Brake System

    Yamaha is taking Sea-Doo's braking system to task in a new consumer video. Again, I think it makes one point - that in tight quarters, evasive maneuvering may produce the best results. But it also exploits a short distance stop that I doubt even a car could accomplish.

    Yamaha Releases Sea-Doo Brake Test Video

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    Nit picky much? Let's see a yamalog pull off the same stunt with its braking system....oh right, it doesn't have one. As one whiner said, maybe 10 mph hit the target. Ok, so 10 mph with a brake, or 35 without; which impact would you rather be involved in?

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    i own a seadoo with the brake system,
    with that it mind it is a nice thing to have when around docks, and putting
    the boat on the trailer, however it's not without it's quirks (lag time for one

    after owning many pwc's in the past, i would never trust that
    system when i am trying to avoid objects in the water

    i personally think that a lot of what goes on when your coming
    up to a object in the water without expecting it depends on the
    persons psyche. i think most people go into a panic mode, and would assume
    like any car to push the brakes of that car, or in this case the pwc.

    although it's a good try by seadoo, the tech is just not there to avoid
    collisions and i do know for a fact they mention that (in legal terms)
    on the pwc and in manuals.

    also with the above in mind,
    i think it's worth mentioning that yamaha (who prolly who payed a company to post
    the youtube video) scolded seadoo for trying something new and innovative to a dieing market. according to their video they expected the world on a sliver plater, but only got it on a copper platter instead. so to speak. lol. this is just
    classic marketing. lol


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    wow they feel threatened...i have ridden the ibr system ..and it is the best feature in a ski i have seen since a reverse...

    they were calling it a target... the brake isnt ment to completely stop you...rather slow you down quicker than if you didnnt have it..and it works well....some steering input then apply the brakes as you would do in a car ..all would have been well

    they didnt show what a yamaha or kawasaki would do in the same situation without the use of a brake or any steering from the rider..that 10 mph hit wourld have been 30

    around the docks it is awsome we went to a demo ride... my girfriend nor her friend had ever docked a ski and were both easialy able to do so using the system...

    on the down side they are correct..when you hit the brakes it takes the throddle away.... so you get a sence it wont turn will just not as hard as normal...the sterring turns you the same direction you have the bars turn ..when you have the brake on...unlike the older reverse bucket ..turned you the opposite way in reverse...they could enhance the sterring with the brake applied possibly with the use of a rudder attached to the brake bucket ..that only would be in the water when the brake is applied..or make the brake snap up rather than use a motor to lift is the first year and nothing is without downsides..everything gets better as the ideas evolve..........still think it is a great feature....

    if i could add it to my existing ski i would

    funny adding comments has been disabled...on the youtube account...

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    This is a repeat attack by another manufacturer who is threatened by the new advanced systems on the 2009/10 Sea Doos. If these new systems weren't hurting sales, I don't think you would be seeing them.

    The topic has been covered on this forum here:

    My post #3 covers my point of view on that braking video (for those interested).

    In the end, the brake is another tool in the slow down toolbox. Know its limitations (like brakes in a car) and don't expect it to defy the laws of physics. I like having another tool in my toolbox. When used properly, it can add to safety.

    Other manufacturers were hurt by Sea Doos mildly effective O.P.A.S system and now iControl with braking. Sea Doo has such a large share of the market, it would take a real advance in technology and/or design for the others to catch up - something they seem to be having difficulty pulling off, hence the attack ads (videos).


    PS riding my RXT X and loving it!

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    that video is stupid. I like how they are waiting until the last second to apply the brake, of course you are going to hit the object, same would happen in a car. The iBR is designed to slow you down before you even get that close. People just need to be more alert.

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    I rode one down at Mudbug a few weeks ago and liked it.

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    If Yamaha wants to attack the BRP braking system they are going about it all wrong. I test rode the new RXT-X a few days ago, and let me tell you the brake works. (see my thread here)

    At 65 mph, I slammed on that brake and it STOPPED, the ski slides a little but it stops in the water, and it's amazing. It doesn't slam you into the handle bars like that dope was trying to imply on the video either. Just like the other dumb video, the riders are intentionally waiting until the last possible second to apply the brake, that's why they are coasting into the inflatable target. Even the best performing brakes on an automobile won't save you if you wait too long to apply them. If Yamaha wanted to attack the brakes, they should focus on the danger of following one of these new brake-equipped PWC's too closely, which is a valid concern in my opinion. But to imply the brakes don't work is just plain stupid; trust me THEY WORK.

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    I was on the water today for 2 hours in 4' waves. Yamaha can say what they want about the brake. They are missing the point: This Sea Doo is awesome. I'm glad I bought it and am having a hoot on it. Who cares about the brake already??

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    Hate the new look at GH
    I worked for a Yamaha/Seadoo shop and we had a standing joke that started back in 2002 Its a Yamaha Line and for this year we have "BOLD NEW GRAPHICS". Yamaha has never been a leader in watercraft always one or more steps behind and always over complicates everything they touch. So its easer to attach a leader than to be one...!

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