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    do i need to replace this?

    hey guys and girls i was doing the waterbox mod today and after i had removed the exhaust i noticed the ceramic lip where the exhaust clamps onto has about a third of it missing. now i looked in the bottom of the ski everywhere and cannot find the missing piece. i just had the supercharger done which i believe needs the waterbox to come out to acces it. is it possible that the mechanic has broken it and the clamp is still sealing the exhaust? or do i need that whole ceramic part replaced? i hope this made sense.
    thanks troy

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    that ceramic piece (you call) is the bellend of the manifold which is cast iron, alot of 4tecs are running with pieces burnt away cos that piece is not water cooled, some people have the mod done to there existing manifold, which involves cutting away the cast bellend and by drilling and tapping the end of the manifold to accept a stainless steel copy, i would'nt worry about it tho all the 4tecs i've worked on have this problem, it dose'nt bother the performance, unless it compleatly burns away.

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    thanks heaps for that i was really stressin that i would have to have it replaced.

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