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    This may have already been covered but are there any gains just from changing your IC?
    My goal is to reach 75 mph with only these mods.
    Intake manifold mod
    R&D intake grate
    cold air intake
    Jims vx plate
    airduct mod
    FF exhaust
    R&d powershot
    and possibly a new IC if there would be any gains from it.
    I dont really want to do a sc wheel or reflash at first i want to keep it simple!!!
    will the new IC give any gains with only these mods? Thanks jeff

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    What speeds are you reaching now with your current mods? I have the same mods as you and can barely break 70. I just ordered the powershot and am hoping to see some improvement. As far as the intercooler goes thats next on my list.

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    yes for sure, the lower air temp you can get the higher the HP (as long as the IC flows OK and most of them do)

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    I don't think 75 is attainable with the mods list you provide, even with an IC upgrade. I do think you can get close to it, perhaps 72.5 or even 73.5 with prop adjustment and hull tweaking.

    An IC upgrade makes the most dramatic difference when paired with a SC wheel upgrade or reflash. Upgrading your IC at this point will give you more consistent times since it will essentially eliminate heat soak as a performance variable. Also, and IC upgrade acts to remove much of influence of water/air temp on times.

    When I upgraded to a JD IC I did see a slight speed gain, but the most important gain to me was that I was able to get a repeatable speed, run after run, anytime during the day. My current mods are very similar to those you list.

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