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    Helmet Cam options - anyone use x170?

    Has Anyone used one of these ?

    They seem to be some serious competition with the go-pro, only thing it doesn't have is the suction mount that GP has ?


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    I think they just came out with these, so nobody has really put them to the test yet. One thing that bothers me is this;
    Water Resistance: 0.5m
    The Go ProHD has the exact same stats/quality. But, you can take it down to around 150 feet!!! Or, have 80+mph water blast it, and not ruin it. Go Pro is supposed to be working on a screen attachment for their camera's, which would help in lining up the shot.
    Gonna sit back and see what others have to say.

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    Thumbs up Go Pro Cam

    I have the Go-Pro with suction cup kit, and love it. Good mounting, practically anywhere on my waverunner, sound is ok, battery life is good for 5 hrs of recording with my 32GB card. 1080p wide screen @ 30fps is just great and super smooth off of Play Station 3 ( if you have SD slot on your ps3). Editing 4-5 hrs of material is the only pain in the ass. I had have it for many months now and if anyone has any questions, just post them.
    here is one of many videos i put together. enjoy!
    uploaded to youtube at 720p

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