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    new grate/prop need few rpms

    i just recently insalled a 13/19 prop, and a r&d 2 bar 1200 intake grate on my 01gp1200r.. gained what seemed to be about 3mph but havent gpsd it not turning a average of 7050-7080 rpms. any body got any ideas of how i can gain about 120rpms.., my mods are, fresh engine, 1300 reeds, riva fas, d plate, built carbs with chokes removed, and the new prop and grate

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    any thoughts.. the only thing i can think of is to mill the head which i was trying to stay away from..would i notice a difference if i got it milled to 140psi or would i be stupid not to go ahead and get 150?

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    Not sure if you will gain any rpms on the head....will accellerate better for sure. I didn't gain any rpms on my 1200 when I went from 125 to 150psi. Rpms are probably fine for summer heat. VF3 reeds or the VF2 reeds would give you at least 100rpms+ You could sell your 1300 reeds and buy the VF2's and wouldn't be out much more money than having the head cut.

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    i guess ill try to take it out on a cooler day and see how it runs.. ill also lift the seat for more air and try 91 instead of 93 and see how it dose..thanks

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