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Thread: 2003 octane

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    2003 octane

    I'm a rookie to this site , Hello...
    I am considering buying an octane. I am curious about parts availability. Does anyone own one and if so have you had issues with finding parts or getting them fixed? I own Kawasaki stand ups now and really like the looks and what has been written about these rides.

    I am lookingf forward to any input.
    thank you

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    You'll find most all engine parts are easy to obtain. The pump (I believe) is Yami.

    The rest is easy, if you hang around here, and the stand-up guys at Those guys have all the trick stuff for poles.

    Anything you need, just ask. Someone around here will have it.

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    And no, I don't own an Octane. But it's on my list.

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    Mine Too!

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    There are some great Octane junkies here. I know Randy at Watcon has tons of aftermarket goodies for them. Also check Wamiltons (designers of the hull), Seebold (manufacturers of the hull). Blowsion and I'm sure others will add to this list!

    Oh and WELCOME to the green hulk forums!!!

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    Thank you for the info.
    This helps.
    Does anyone know what the common break down is for the octane? Is there a weakness? ex. electrical, crank, exhaust?

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    here you go,

    octane problems/weaknesses:
    elec. box leaks
    motor mount plates come unglued
    intake manifolds crack
    tank mounts rub holes in fuel tank
    hull doesnt turn well
    early style hood catches allow hood to fall off and sink
    poor engine alignment from factory
    hood liner separates from hood
    back section of hull takes on water (read: waterlogged, supposed to be a sealed area)

    hmmm, thats all I can think of for now...

    But I would never get rid of my Octane!!!

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    thank you .
    are there things that should be delt with before they occur or should a person just wait and observe?
    I just want to avoid a major issue if I can..
    I appreciate any input.

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    Where would I find a cover for a 2003 octane?

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    RMBC Freeride,

    I went to the search and typed in waterlogged and was unable to locate the octane info?
    I am new to this and may not be doing this correctly..( navigating the web site)

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