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    Exhaust Questions

    Hey guys,

    what is probably the best exhaust or any differences/advantages between the ones available for the RXP? power/sound??

    Also, maybe foolish question, but is there anything to worry about if the ski were to topple over? or is that completely safe thanks to the closed-loop system?



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    I am not the expert but I can tell you the closed loop cooling is for yur antifreaze like the radiator of a car
    your exhaust system however must be open
    hense the name exhaust.
    I am new hear but have gathered the factory exhaust is resrictive but effective in keeping water out.
    thier is a thread discussing the 2 favored mods for exhaust under sea doo I think the conclusion
    was to go on and cut your hull an use that one
    pipes out the rear

    and yes when you start changing your exhast and intake you proble will be more susceptable to take in water when your sunny side goes down

    good thing you found this place they have a good thread on how to get the water out of your engine.

    they did say the modded pipes sounded cool
    but pipes alone wont boost your power all that much
    when you up your intake pressure and increase your compression and have more exhaust to exhaust
    is when you will appreciate better flow.

    hope this helps untell some of the pros can tell you
    what they know betting they remember the names of the mods at least lol

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    Welcome CTS!

    Welcome M5!

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