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    Doing repairs on a new 11 year old ski, what do I need to replace?

    OK, putting a ignition update kit on a 99 slx 1050 and had to remove the engine to do it. Since I've got this thing torn down this much I want to take care of all the possible maint. issues that this unit may need or require. I've read something about changing out the old gray fuel lines, and some thing about changing the impellar bearing/cone oil etc. I also want to change the old oil lines. Can somebody bring me up to speed on what maint. items should be addressed with this ski. I don't know that it has ever been properly maintained. It was bought used a couple of years ago by a friend and I know he has done nothing but put gas and oil in it and pulled the trigger wide open, so if it was yours to do what would you address on this unit?

    Also, are there any simple tweaks that can be made to this ski to improve his top speed. I've been wondering about the efficiency of the rubber o-ring that slides into the front of the impellar, is there a more hydrodynamic part that could go here for example.

    Thanks for all help
    Bill Fanney
    Burlington, North Carolina

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    Where do you guys like to get your replacement fuel and oil lines?

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