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    Custom Trailers!!

    Thinking of building some custom trailers to sell, something similiar to single and double jetsski trailers, I am located in central florida near Bradenton. Work is slow right now, And welding is what i do for a living! custom paint,wheels etc. so let me know if ur interested the more reply's the more motivation, Oh and I wont be selling them nowhere near as high as shadow trailers! I wonder if talking with a local dealer would work out. I would like to build a nice custom trailer for the new 2010 RXP! Black and Red with some aluminum diamond plate accents and led lighting! Any ways let me know and maybe I can start a project!


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    what type of prices are u talking . . . (ball park) . . . what products will u be using . . (lighting/ tires) will u be giving an upfront price? or wanting an open check book ?

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    If you can build a three placer for a reasonable price I would be interested.

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    I would be very interested in a single custom trailer for a sea doo rxt is 255! Can you give me some info please? I'm ready to buy!

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    Painted steel, galvanized or aluminum? Painted steel wont last more than a year or 2 in the salt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by speedskixp View Post
    Painted steel, galvanized or aluminum? Painted steel wont last more than a year or 2 in the salt.
    damn i hope it last longer than that because thats basically what i just picked up and not looking to buy another trailer any time soon.

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    painted steel in the salt wont last long, my buddys broke in half going down the street..

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    A narrow enough trailer to fit in a single garage yet hold more than 1 ski. I once had a trailer, 88" wide and would hold 3 skis. One sitdown with a standup next to it and then a standup across the back. I would be very interested in another trailer like this. At the least, a trailer to fit in the single garage yet fit 1 sitdown and 1 standup.

    Let me know what you think!!

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