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    05 RXP wont start!!

    does anyone know what module would keep my ski from not starting? I already took it to the shop and they replaced the DESS key, didn't work and I forgot what module he said had went bad, and said it would cost me around $1000.00 to fix? so I wanted to see if i can just fix it myself if it isn't to hard! its not the battery already tried a new one, and the started has been checked and its good!

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    starter relay?....$35?

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    It's either the mpem or ecu( if the dealer said it was a module that's $1000) both pretty simple to install but have a big price tag

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    Check the classified section, there are usually some for sale

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    don't despair

    after a few short days of looking, i found one on ebay last season ( the ecu) for far far less then a retail one ( even at shop discount) Still had to send the customer to the dealer to get it setup.

    Did your ski sink?..or jumpstarted?..or just went belly up one day without warning?

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    Ok so what do I buy? The ECU OR MPEM Or Both? I was offered an ECU for $180 and MPEM for$140??? How difficult are they to install?? Any programming??

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