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    96 slx HELP PLEASE

    took ski to lake had new plugs in it took it a min to start finally starts and it just had nothing no power ran mayb 10 to 20 mph not sure mfd not working took it last weekend and it ran fine not as fast as i was told it would b from original owner but ran clean untill it got to half tank of fuel when it would die i let it sit a min then started up went few mins then died again i also have a 97 sl 1050 it hesitates off the get go but when past that it runs great about 54 mph at 6400 rpm dont know what rpm should b any help would b greatly appreciated always wanted a polaris jet ski since im 16 years old now that im 30 i got em i new to the pwc world but very excited think i have some good skis just need to work out the kinks

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    Going to need more info.

    How do you know it's not running as fast as stated without a MFD?

    Was the engine revving up, but the ski wasn't accelerarting? Or was the engine kind of a dud?

    Is there any water in the water seperator?

    How hot were the cyls to the touch?

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    when i bought the jet skis the guy told me the slx would out run the sl 1050 dont know how fast the slx is but the mfd on the sl1050 says 54 at full throttle and it is a lot faster than slx the engine was kind of dud i took the gas tanks out of them both the previous weekend and cleaned them out put them back in with fresh gas in both took water seperator off both aswell and cleaned them out put back on did not put fuel in them left for work that sunday came home that thursday and the seperators were full figured they filled by the pressure on tanks cyls were touchable but hot or warm i guess u could say the first weekend i ran the skis the slx would get to half tank of gas and die let it sit a min and it would start back up go little ways then die again filled it with gas and it ran good till it got to bout half a tank thats reason i took tank out the slx had good clean tank hope it just carb probs but i cant find anyone in texas that works on polaris

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