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    automotive electric fuel pump on a 650 sl ?

    hi guys just drug home a 94 sl 650 runs with fuel dumped in carbs how about putting a auto zone fuel pump on it and T off that with some kind of regulator on it payed 275.00 delivered my put the motor in my slt 750 with bad top end is that a bad idea 650 motor has been bored out what you think ?

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    Why bother? fuel pump is only $35. Pm me, I have a brand new tripple pump that I wont be using.

    you want to put the 650 motor in the slt hull? Why? I wouldn't try putting 3 people on a slt with a 650 in it, would be way too slow.

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    Welcome to the Hulk.

    This has been gone over before, try using the search function.

    Not a good idea to try the electric fuel pump.

    650 in the SLT will work, but will be under powered to pull 3 people.

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